Richafort Requiem

Composers: Richafort
Released: 2012
Label: Hyperion
Code: CDA67959


This release presents music associated with the Renaissance master Josquin Des Prez, a composer who towers above all others in the first part of the sixteenth century. Numerous works were attributed to him that have now been proven to be by his contemporaries and successors, including the central work on this recording, Jean Richafort’s expansive and beautiful Requiem. It is performed with affecting clarity by the all-male vocal group Cinquecento, whose many previous discs of Renaissance repertoire for Hyperion have garnered the highest critical praise.

Booklet notes by Stephen Rice, an acknowledged authority on this repertoire, place the music in its historical context and unpick the mysteries of its composition.


1 Nymphes, nappés / Circumdederunt me [2’44] Josquin Des Prez (c1450/55-1521)

2 Faulte d’argent [3’08] Josquin Des Prez (c1450/55-1521)

Missa pro defunctis ‘Requiem’ Jean Richafort (c1480-after 1547) [31’32]

3 Introitus Requiem aeternam [5’52]
4 Kyrie [3’41]
5 Graduale Si ambulem [5’22]
6 Offertorium Domine Jesu Christe [7’29]
7 Sanctus and Benedictus [3’17]
8 Agnus Dei [2’48]
9 Communio Lux aeterna [3’03]

10 Nymphes des bois / Requiem aeternam [3’45] Josquin Des Prez (c1450/55-1521)

11 Musae Jovis [5’46] Benedictus Appenzeller (c1480/88-after 1558)

12 Miserere mei, Deus [15’01] Josquin Des Prez (c1450/55-1521)

13 Musae Jovis [5’17] Nicolas Gombert (c1495-c1560)

14 O mors inevitabilis [2’40] Jheronimus Vinders (fl1525-1526)