Lassus: Missa super Dixit Joseph & motets

Composers: Lassus
Released: 2015
Label: Hyperion
Code: CDA68064


The six sublime singers of Cinquecento have for seven years now been championing the lesser-known masters of the Austrian court. Now they turn to one of the greats: Lassus. The Missa super Dixit Joseph is based on one of Lassus’ own motets and combines the composer’s characteristic flair for vibrant text-setting with the nascent polychoral style of which he would become an early master.

Glorious performances of the Mass and a diverse range of motets comprise a most satisfying album which culminates with the famous Timor et tremor.


1 Confitemini Domino a 6[4’48]
2 Dixit Joseph undecim fratribus suis[4’57]
Missa super Dixit Joseph[25’52]
3 Kyrie[3’41]
4 Gloria[5’31]
5 Credo[8’43]
6 Sanctus and Benedictus[4’24]
7 Agnus Dei[3’33]
8 In me transierunt irae tuae[4’06]
9 O mors, quam amara est memoria tua[4’33]
10 Deus, qui sedes super thronum[2’42]
11 Si bona suscepimus[5’09]
12 Deus, canticum novum[3’24]
13 Veni dilecte mi[4’08]
14 Fallax gratia[2’33]
15 Timor et tremor[4’08]Latin