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‘Cinquecento specialises in performing music from the 1500s and, with members from Austria, Belgium, England, Germany and Switzerland, models itself after an imperial chapel choir whose singers were drawn from the finest choral establishments across Europe. Using one voice to a part (as was common practice in 16th-century Rome), the ensemble is lucid and detailed: individual lines are sharply drawn yet the overall effect is richly sonorous. An ensemble of adult male singers (rather than female voices or boys on the upper parts) throws the weight on the dusky colours of Palestrina’s palette and also lends a robustly virile quality to the sound’ (BBC Music Magazine)


‘Cinquecento’s performance of these Lamentations adheres closely to the text, balancing each madrigalian nuance within the overall architecture… these Lamentations, and particularly this performance, really do reframe Ars Perfecta in a wider context… Throughout this album Cinquecento offer a performance which is truly reflective and tender.
‘It’s a beautiful sound … they just blend perfectly together … the timbre’s interesting as well. You’ve got countertenor Terry Wey on the top of the texture, and he’s a little bit of a magician with this kind of consort singing … the vocal control is quite remarkable’ (BBC Record Review)
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