Amorosi pensieri

Composers: de Monte, Guyot, Regnart, Vaet
Released: 2014
Label: Hyperion
Code: CDA68053


Songs for the Habsburg Court by Philippe de Monte, Jean Guyot, Jacobus Vaet & Jacob Regnart

A new departure for the wonderful all-male vocal ensemble Cinquecento. They turn to the secular music—generally much less well-known—of the Renaissance masters Philippe de Monte, Jacobus Vaet and Jacob Regnart whose sacred music they have explored so successfully in previous recordings for Hyperion. Also included are six chansons by Jean Guyot de Châtelet (his name is sometimes Latinized to ‘Castileti’).

This collection is both historically fascinating and stunningly performed. The music is beautiful and sensuous, with the polyphonic arts familiar from sacred works of this period now put to the service of earthly emotions. An expressively melancholic vein pervades many of these works, and one can see them as a precursor to Monteverdi’s madrigals.


1 Amorosi pensieri [1’48]
2 Ombra son io [3’47]
3 Con che soavità [2’30]
4 Anima dolorosa [2’25]
5 O dolci sguardi [3’24]
6 Que me servent mes vers [2’40]
7 Susanne un jour [2’09]
8 Sortez regretz [2’11]

JEAN GUYOT (?1520-1588)
9 En lieux d’esbatz m’assault melancolie [2’23]
10 Je suis amoureux d’une fille [1’20]
11 Vous estes si doulce et benigne [2’08]
12 L’arbre d’amour ung fruict d’amaritude [2’40]
13 Vous perdez temps de me dire mal d’elle [3’06]
14 Tel en mesdict qui pour soy la desire [2’53]

JACOBUS VAET (c1529-1567)
15 Amour leal [2’00]
16 Sans vous ne puis [1’34]
17 En l’ombre d’ung buissonet [1’31]

JACOB REGNART (c1540-1599)
18 Ach weh der Zeit, die ich verzert [3’46]
19 Ein Lieb nit mehr hat [2’39]
20 Venus du und dein Kind [3’07]
21 Du hast mich sollen nemen [3’02]
22 Chi mi consolerà [2’15]
23 Amor, che debbo fare [2’02]
24 Vola vola pensier [1’40]
25 Alarm’, alarm’ o fidi miei pensieri [1’19]